Product of the Month Club

Product of the Month Club

Product of the Month Club

Standard Process Nutrition Northeast (SPNN) is now offering a new program, Product of the Month Club. Providing busy practitioners an in-depth opportunity to learn about some of the most important Standard Process and MediHerb products. The ordering will be done for you and some of the cost of the program will be offset by a scholarship to one of our nutrition or herbal seminars each year.

How it works

Each month 3 bottles of the featured product of the month (POTM) will be ordered for you by SPNN within the last 3 business days of the month. The purchase will be charged to the credit card of your choice through the proxy ordering system of Standard Process (subtotal $100 or less). 

What your membership gets you

  • Access to an exclusive, monthly teleconference or webinar on the product of the month. The call or webinar will take place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 12:30-1:00 PM EST consisting of a review of the previous month’s product so that successes & clinical pearls can be shared, exclusive education & training on the upcoming POTM, open discussion and Q & A.
  • Free tuition to one SP or MH seminar per year ($175 value).
  • Invitations to special complimentary events with premier SP/MH speaker’s when they are in New England. 

Membership agreement

  • The amount ordered will not exceed $100, excluding any applicable taxes and shipping per month. 
  • The orders shall be perpetual each month. 
  • The order will originate within the last three business days of the month. 
  • This agreement can be cancelled at any time, to not be included in that month’s order. 

* Cancellation must be received by the 20th of the month in writing via email to: [email protected]

We hope you consider joining this exclusive club to grow your product knowledge and build you nutrition and herbal medicine practice!


Become a Member Today!


Purchase of 3 bottles of the featured product of the month, plus $7 shipping


October: Circuplex 

November: Tribulus

December: Immuplex

January: Golden Seal

February: Epimune Complex

March: Gymnema


Call (617) 477-4529 

Email [email protected]

Membership agreement required, but cancel anytime!