Back to School for Doctors

Mark Anderson

Saturday & Sunday, September 15 & 16, 2018
Saturday 8:30am - 5:00pm
Sunday 8:00am-12:00pm

Renaissance Denver Hotel
3801 Quebec St
Denver, CO 80207
(303) 399-7500

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This years topic for Back to School for Doctors will be Part II of the ongoing series “The Nutritional Foundations of the Healing Arts”. 

Renaissance Denver Hotel, 3801 Quebec St
Denver, CO 80207


Part II of the ongoing series "The Nutritional Foundations of the Healing Arts" 

From chlorophyll-rich plant cell chloroplasts, in the Wheel’s hub, comes photosynthesis, the corporeal source of life on Earth. The planet’s food chain emerges from sunlight's action upon chlorophyll. Here the Sun’s energy converts into food, and the atmosphere’s oxygen source is liberated from water. All living cells, tissues, and organs develop from this physiological alpha point in the nutrition life cycle.

Discussed in this seminar...

The cultivation of this multidisciplinary approach as applied to autoimmunity as a fundamental end-phase process in all unregenerate illness: Nutrient and glandular-based solutions.

Nutritional Triads: digestion / exogenous immunity / heart  & vascular / the brain and mental health / allergy / teeth  & bone / 3 in-office fast & proven nutritional assessments

The largely unacknowledged truth of all disciplines of the healing arts is that every tissue and organ system of the body is built, maintained, and repaired from the complex nutrient resources supplied by fresh, unadulterated, wholesome foods derived from nutrient-rich soil and unpolluted waters. All professions within the Wheel apply their favored modalities for healthcare. But those special few, on any spoke, who incorporate the nutritionally therapeutic principles alongside their work are bound to produce more healthful responses rather than emergency relief.

It should be self-evident that attempts to repair any part of the body without the essential nutrient pattern is no better than a craftsman attempting a repair without original components. The essential difference is that a living body must create the tissue components itself from the right nutrient resources assisted by informed guidance from a healthcare professional.

Using documented historical discoveries critically supported by contemporary peer-reviewed sources, the old is rediscovered as new even as the new is substantiated by the historical record. That is the double-hallmark teaching standard of Back to School for Doctors.


Standard Process West is happy to provide guests with complementary, local Eldorado Spring Water during this event, as well as our famous, healthful, protein-rich buffet lunch on Saturday.

12 continuing education credits for DCs have been sponsored by Texas Chiropractic College (TCC) in 38 states, including the local Standard Process West territory, CO, NE, MT, ND, SD, UT and WY. These same credits may also be used for the Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) certification program, also sponsored by TCC.
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Mark Anderson Mark Anderson

Mr. Mark Anderson is in his 5th  decade of teaching doctors the compiled works of Dr. Royal Lee. Through lectures, writings, and workshops, Mark has helped train health professionals on all the spokes of the Wheel. He founded this program for doctors 26 years ago as part of this work.