Nutritional Protocols & Introduction to Meridian Autonomic Testing

Matthew Cucolo, DC

Saturday, March 25
9:00am-6:00pm (Registration begins at 8:30am)

Caribe Hilton
1 Geronimo St
San Juan, PR 00901
(787) 721-0303


This functional medicine-based seminar gets to the heart of why phytonutrients in foods are necessary in our challenging world of toxins, stress and compromised food. Learn what body systems are most affected and the proper application of nutritional support. This “NuPro” seminar examines functional blood work, saliva testing, stool samples and so much more. Dr. Cucolo has also trained thousands of doctors in his muscle testing technique, Meridian Autonomic Testing (M.A.T.). He will demonstrate M.A.T. and outline its utilization at this lecture.


Healthy buffet lunch provided

8 CE’s available to DC’s in PR provided by the Puerto Rico Chiropractic Association (AQPR)

$14.75 per day


Seminar Special! Register by Janurary 27th to receive 60% DISCOUNT! 

This seminar sponsored by Standard Process Nutrition Northeast, Inc.

Questions? Contact Amy by email: OR phone: (617) 477-4529

Matthew Cucolo Matthew Cucolo, DC

Dr. Matthew Cucolo is a practicing chiropractor and nutritional consultant who utilizes whole food therapeutic nutrition with adjunct holistic therapies to best treat his patients. He is a the co-founder of the Meridian Autonomic Testing Technique (M.A.T.). Dr. Matt creates dynamic nutrition lectures that connect with his target audience to make the complex understandable and practical.

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