Sleep & Immunity: The Bidirectional Relationship Master Class

Amanda Williams

July 21
7 pm


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In recent years, there has been a plethora of research about the importance of sleep health for overall optimal health. Discovery of the bidirectional relationship between sleep, circadian clock function and immunity shine a light on the critical need to incorporate sleep health as a core clinical strategy.

In this webinar, Amanda will detail the latest research on the impact of sleep health on infection incidence, allergic conditions, inflammation, autoimmune disease, and other immune issues. She will detail her favorite botanicals to support sleep health, immunity and the HPA-axis and nervous system. Sleep hygiene tips and sleep diaries are also included.

This session is not to be missed. You will gain valuable new insights on the critical importance of sleep health to help your patients’ immune health. 


Email [email protected] to register. If you have already attended any of the SPNN 1-hour Master Classes this year, you are already registered. This class will NOT be recorded, you must attend to get the information. You may pre-submit questions by emailing ahead of time to have them answered live.
Amanda Williams Amanda Williams, B.Bus, Adv Dip Nat, Dip Bot Med, MANTA, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist

Amanda is an internationally experienced integrative naturopath and medical herbalist with over 20 years’ clinical practice. She is a popular speaker who is able to convey the technical complexity of herbal and clinical therapy for ease of implementation at your own practice. Amanda has been also been under tutelage of Professor Kerry Bone, renowned herbal clinician, for two decades.

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