Mentor Program

Mentor Program

Consistent, Methodical Systems of Practice Lead to Success! 

SP Nutrition Northeast is proud to offer our first ever Mentor Program. No longer will you have to spend thousands of dollars or countless weekends away from home attending practice management seminars. We have partnered with two highly successful, holistic practitioners in New England and designed a program in which you will learn their consistent, practical and lucrative methods for your own practice. 

Program Highlights 

  • Visit an examination room with equipment, a stockroom and a herbal blending room
  • Observer front desk operations
  • Goal setting for the next 6 months
  • New patient acquisition  
  • Patient compliance and follow up  
  • Standard Process and MediHerb products; how and why, and the rationale  
  • Internal\External Marketing, Referrals and Patient Education

How It Works

The program is 6 months and consists of 18 meetings (3 meetings per month) to provide you and your staff (if you so choose) all the tools and skills to create a successful practice. 6 of the 18 meetings will occur at the Mentor's office, the rest will be in the comfort of your own home or practice.
You will be provided with the 12 in-office meetings and teleconference dates & times before you enroll.  

Monthly Meetings   

  1. Mentor Meeting (2 hours): Roundtable in the Mentor’s office to learn and see how a very successful practice is run and maintained the 1st week of each month.   
  2. Mentor Teleconference: (1 hour): Review the roundtable and continue to learn more about systems and practice success during the 2nd week of the month   
  3. Representative Meeting: Receive practical support by your Rep on what you have learned from your Mentor, plus more individual support tailored to your specific practice needs regarding nutrition and herbal medicine. Schedule the office visit with your representative anytime after the teleconference and before the next Mentor meeting.  

Program Cost 

*$600 per office. Anyone from the registered office may attend all 3 meetings each month at no extra charge, however the primary registered practitioner must attend as well.  

*In an effort to truly incentivize success, this program is FREE if the registered practitioner attends 16 of 18 meetings! If you miss 3 or more meetings you will be charged the full $600 tuition. 

We hope you consider joining this exclusive program to grow your product knowledge and build a nutrition and herbal medicine practice of your dreams!


Apply Today!

Step 1
Contact Ben, Keith or Ruth on the phone (or in person) to express your interest in the program

Step 2
Schedule a brief phone interview with Ben to complete the application process

Ben   617-469-1197
Ruth  860-284-8751
Keith 781-589-5595

Please note:
This program is not open to everyone, as we have very limited space to run such a detailed course. There will be an informal evalutation to see if this program fits your practice goals. 

Your Mentors

Robert Baritz, DC 

Baritz's Bio

Alice Barone, DC